Most of you can recall a moment that left you wishing you had spared yourself time, money, or heartache. Whether it was a failed relationship, a job opportunity that never materialized, or the loss of a business, it hurt.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to experience one (or all three) with your website?

You don’t. Most small business owners or brands that are just starting out don’t have a website. Probably for one (or all) of the reasons listed next. While they are all very real obstacles, I have a solution to all three.


Time is the number one reason you don’t have a website. Hands down. You’re busy running a company, so to stop and create a website is out of the question.


Next on the list is money. Who will you pay to create your website? Maybe you don’t have the extra $1,500 + lying around. Or if you do, it goes back to when will you be able to step away from your business to get it done (time).

Technical Skills

Ok if you don’t have the money but you have the time, then you have to roll up your sleeves to DIY it. But it can be very confusing. After all, web design isn’t a skill you possess. So now what ????????‍♀️

The solution to each of these issues is a website template. It’s a pre-made template that allows for dragging and dropping different elements on your website. You can design it visually and see what everything will look like before it goes live. You save time by following the easy install instructions. Most templates take less than 10 min to install and can be fully designed in a weekend to a week. All you have to change are the fonts, swap out your brand colors, and add images. Then boom! A fully functional, beautiful, and responsive WordPress website. Even if you have a website, but need a refresh, a website template is the perfect solution.

We’ve Got Templates!

Our partner, Bluchic has several themes to choose from. Perfect for service-based entrepreneurs like coaches, consultants, and social media managers. Or women selling digital or physical products. Pick one and get started with your dream website today!

*P.S. This post contains affiliate links so I’ll receive a commission if you decide to purchase at no cost to you!⁠

We’ve Got Templates!

Our top 5 favorite themes are:

5. ChicBoss WordPress Theme – perfect to earn a passive income from selling your digital products. Price: $129.

4. ChicServe WordPress Theme- perfect for running a service-based business. Price: $129.

3. Maggie WordPress Theme – perfect for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. Price: $79.

2. Jacqueline WordPress Theme – perfect for consultants. Price: $79.

  1. Marylin WordPress Theme – perfect for fashion bloggers. Price: $79.